patient: Flare up of chronic auto-immune disease affected my concentration, problem solving ability and energy.

Lovely lady in 40s experienced a flare up of lupus erythematosus which is a common auto-immune condition

Joint pain and swelling, tiredness and sometimes mood changes are side effects of this condition.

After referring her to a Rheumatologist and starting on medication her joint pain got better but tiredness, memory problem and problem-solving issue was not better.

Course of medical acupuncture treatment was offered by Dr Amir.

Initial session resulted in meaningful positive improvement in her level of energy and memory.

5 sessions of weekly interval of acupuncture treatment were followed with 3 more sessions of forthrightly interval.

She has been very happy with her progress. Stating that her energy is back to normal, problem solving, and memory issue are resolved.

She is having once a month maintenance treatment for her lupus.

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