patient: I had severe low back pain for a year that had significantly affected my study, sleep and daily activities

Young lady at age of 18 was experiencing severe low back pain for about a year that had made her and her family tired of finding an effective treatment solution.

Could not sit straight on the chair due to the severity of the pain. After few months pain started to affect her mood, sleep and daily activities, most importantly her school at year of 12. Pain killer was just partially effective

After examination and thorough investigation, she was found to have stage 3 spondylolisthesis of lumbar spine L4-L5

Medical Acupuncture treatment offered for her pain management by Dr Amir.

Initial 3 sessions with weekly interval no significant improvement occurred when surprisingly in her 4th visit, she presented with significant improvement in her level of the pain that she did not need to take any pain killer anymore.

Treatment continued with forthrightly interval and then once a month for total of 8 sessions.

Combination of laser acupuncture and needle acupuncture implemented in her case.

Exercise plan was given for home.

She is pain free now for about 12 months and could finish her year 12 and could seek her higher education in University.

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